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News: (last updated May, 2022)

So despite the fact that Bitesize is no longer actively playing together (as we no longer all live in the same general vicinity), our legacy continues!

  • In addition to ye olde Bitesize CDs (which we are still selling), you can purchase digital files (mp3s, AIFFs, etc.) of the entire Bitesize discography from Bandcamp—for $1 per track, or $10.40 for the entire 36-song catalog!
  • Bitesize songs are also now available on Spotify. And most of our songs can also be found on YouTube—this includes playlists for our albums a The Best of Bitesize and Sophomore Slump, plus our homemade & humorous video for the song I Killed Sting.
  • Julia (Bitesize’s singer/guitarist/principal songwriter) has a new solo music project called *soft vowel sounds*, which you can also find on Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube.
  • Check out this 2019 Bandcamp interview with Julia, where she discusses how her transgender experiences influenced her songwriting—it features numerous Bitesize tracks!
In addition to all this, we hope to eventually release a few rare Bitesize recordings and possibly even live shows! To find out about these new developments when they occur, please sign up for our email list.

Thanks everyone for all your support and interest over the years!
Best wishes, Julia, Leslie and Steve

blurbs about Bitesize:

"The Best of Bitesize...is twenty of the best minutes of music I've heard all year...they pack more hooks and more energy into ninety seconds than many bands can fit on an entire album."
-Splendid e-zine

"With clever lyrics and hooked-barbed songcraft, the trio's fare is packed with a juicy filling of squealy clanking distortion, perky co-ed vocals, and manical melodies as catchy as any jump-rope rhyme. Imagine the Pixies forced into servitude by They Might Be Giants and you'll begin to get the idea."
-East Bay Express

“A quirky release that brings to mind PIXIES, PEE, and even ATOM & HIS PACKAGE. Great vocal play between the guy/girl (sic) vocals. Twenty infectious ditties that overflow with enthusiasm and spirit on a pop level.”
-Maximum Rock N Roll

“When you're singing about transsexual understudies, flaming ice cream trucks, and kissing old guys, you can pretty much expect to be saddled with the modifier “quirky.” It is certain that Bitesize knows this. They've certainly heard it before. But underneath all the eccentricities of their second full-length CD, Sophomore Slump, Bitesize demonstrates why their eclectic brand of noise pop transcends its own wackiness. Simply put: hooks are hooks, and Sophomore Slump is loaded with them.”
-West Coast Performer

“They've been compared to a diverse mix of bands such as The Pixies, They Might Be Giants, Sleater-Kinney, P.E.E., Superchunk, and The Butchies, yet they don't sound like any of those. Probably the best way to describe the band is by imagining those ridiculously catchy children's songs (you know, the ones you sang in the back of the station-wagon to drive your parents crazy) on steroids.”
-bEASTfest 2002 Program Guide

"The Best of Bitesize, a 20-minute disc rife with perfect, perky harmonies and shimmering guitars- an album so unapologetically immersed in goes-down-easy pop you don't so much listen to it as gum it"
-SF Weekly

"When Bitesize took the stage and started blowing through their set (most of their songs clock in at a minute and a half) I was simply amazed. In no time I was involuntarily bobbing up and down to each song and smiling a really big smile. Here was a band that played super-catchy fast quirky noise pop songs just the way any pop-whore likes it. I was in heaven."
-UC Berkeley's KALX Program Guide

"Bitesize come off like a hyperactive child that you'd love to swat, but can't because the kid is so damn endearing. Their songs come in short, crazy, melodic bursts; they are a true noise pop band."
-SnackCake!/Devil in the Woods Noise Pop '99 Program Guide

"Bitesize's songs fail in only one respect: their brevity leaves you unfulfilled and wanting to hear more... their peppy tunes and odd lyrics will be embedded in your psyche and stay there indefinitely."

“Bitesize are the equilvent of a rocket science experiment with explosive results. Every song is punchy, quick and obscenely jumpy. I love this!”

“Rather than simply embrace the "brat-core" movement, Bitesize revels in a self deprecating humour and youthful anxiety. What that amounts to in Sophomore Slump is a soundtrack for misfits, outcasts, and people who just plain don't fit in.”
-Shake It Up

"With the exciting bang and sizzle of a package of Pop Rocks, Bitesize plays a plethora of energetic songs that start and finish in two minutes flat. With quirky lyrics, plenty of feedback and male/female vocals, Bitesize could also be compared to the sugar rush that one gets from a pixie stick--or the pop-punk music of the Pixies."
-Williamette Week

"While still indie and strange enough to enthrall the cross-arms militia (who are these people anyway and how come they go out all the time if they hate dancing so much?), Bitesize are just a rock band and thank God for that."
-Bay Area Music

"Bitesize bristles with the energy and charisma of the immortals."
-SF Bay Guardian

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